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No No Hair Removal, The real deal or just a fad? Are you sick of spending hours each month shaving your legs? Are you looking for a more permanent solution to rid yourself of unsightly, fast-growing body hair? If you’ve been struggling with the idea of electrolysis, stop right there—there are other options to help you feel smoother for longer, without the pain of waxing and time-consuming, daily shaving.

What is No No?

The NoNo Hair Removal device is a wonderful alternative to the above. With it’s risk-free offer, you can be rest assured that the product will work wonders. The NoNo Hair Removal device is doctor recommended and doctor approved as as an easy, convenient way to slow down long-term hair growth anywhere on your body. By using the no no hair removal system just a few times a week, you will find that you will achieve long-lasting hair removal in any of your trouble spots—whether it be your face, your legs, your arms, or your bikini line. The NoNo Hair Removal treatment system can be done in the comfort of your own home, on your own time, and costs less than 3 wax treatments—with results just as productive!

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No No Hair Removal


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No matter what color your hair, no matter how thick, the No No Hair Removal device can help! By using a thermodynamic wire that essentially “burns” the hair away, the NoNo Hair removal device can ease hair out of the follicles through a crystallization process, and keeps hair from coming back as quickly and as thick as it did before. The “Thermicon” process of transferring gentle pulses of heat allow this product to work so well—and when you’re done using the NoNo Hair Removal device, you can then buff away the crystallized hair and apply an alcohol-free, moisturizing lotion to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

Using the No No Hair Removal device is simple, you just press it lightly against your skin after setting the appropriate treatment level, and the heat will crystallize the hair follicles, making them easy to buff off when you’re done. With consistent use a few times a week, you will find that your hair grows in slower and thinner than it did before, and the results are better and longer-lasting than traditional shaving techniques.


This affordable, easy-to-use device is a great way to lessen the time you spend shaving and waxing, and can eliminate those expensive treatments and spa visits. Now, in the privacy of your own home, you can own a NoNo Hair removal device and see stunning results in just a few weeks! With a 60 day money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose?

no no hair removal

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How No! No! Hair Removal device works

One of the things that I’ve always found interesting about hair removal is the process in which it is done. Nono hair removal is one way to remove unwanted hair without having to take 2 trips every month just to have your legs and bikini areas waxed. No No hair removal allows for ease of use at home and also uses a great method of removing the hair.

NoNo hair removal takes about 4 to 6 weeks to start taking effect with many people if used regularly. Like other laser treatments that you can use at home, like Gigi Hair removal, Braun hair removal and Rio home laser hair kits; this uses a special thermal wiring system to get results.
It’s a 3-step process in which the device is rolled over the area for first contact, severing the stub end of the hair it encounters when it rolls along the skins surface. Then, once you have severed the top portion of the hair follicle, the No no hair removal system then crystallizes the top part of the hair so that it feels like little stubs of hair are still on your skin. Once this process is done, the last step includes the separation of the root and bulge, which is the main site where hair growth takes place.

The No No hair removal device can be used on both lighter and darker hair but should not be used on places such as the face, genitals or breast areas because these parts of the body or too sensitive for laser treatment.

Looking at a Nono hair removal review, you can tell that many people have been successful in using the Nono hair removal product. It has a lot of great benefits. It will save you money and time, give you long term results instead of short term and you can use it anywhere you feel comfortable because it’s a portable device.

nono hair removal

Studies and Research

One of the studies done on Nono hair removal shows that at least 94% of hair was decreased with the long term use of the device. You don’t have to worry about burns because that is something that is actually a problem with many laser hair removal systems. You will encounter a rather strong smell of burnt hair, which is normal but it shouldn’t cause any alarm. What is different about the No no hair removal system is that it uses a special thermodynamic wire that actually send pulses down to the very ends of the follicle so that it can separate effectively. There is no harsh laser treatment involved in the Nono hair removal product. You even have safety tips that come with the product for areas of more sensitivity.

How to use No No hair removal

The No no hair removal device is something that is very easy to use. If you use the product too much, you are more than likely going to have to have parts replaced quicker on the device. You should only do it as recommended. If your hair isn’t long enough then you’re not going to get any results from it. It has to touch the hair follicles tip in order to get to the root for severing. You roll it along the areas that you want treated. If you aren’t rolling it at the right angle, there are two indicators (red and green) that will alert you if you need to change the way you are holding the Nono hair removal device. You also want to make sure that you are not going too fast or too slow for the product to work. If you have to go over the same spot over and over, you can cause too much heat in the area, so come back to it at a later time. A lot of people find in necessary to shave after a treatment because of the crystallized tips the device leaves on the hair. You can also use the buffer that comes in the No no hair removal kit to get rid of anything that feels stubby or prickly.

Is No No hair removal device for you

Whether you’re a woman or man, you can use the Nono hair removal system because it has the power to remove even larger areas of hair that can be problem areas for men (such as the back and chest). This is safe to use on these two areas as well. If hair does go past a measurement of about 3mm, you will need to shave this area and let it grow back to about 1mm before going forward with the No no hair removal procedure.

This is a great way to remove any unwanted hair permanently and not have to go through the expense of waxing or using high-end laser treatments that have been known to burn people. You don’t have to take too much time to do it like electrolysis and one of the major benefits that people are going to find attractive about the Nono hair removal product is that there is no risk of having discoloration due to melanoma changes from a laser treatment on the skin. It’s safe, it looks good and it has been proven scientifically to work*.

You will need to consistently use No no hair removal for about 2 to 3 months if you want to get desired results and eventually you will be able to phase it out completely, but this is a process that you need to allow some room for it to work correctly. Usually, you just use less treatment as time goes by and you can see the differences in your hair texture as it starts to grow back. If you are pregnant or have any skin problems that may merit some unwanted symptoms, you should always make sure you discuss No no hair removal with a doctor.

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