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What is the best thermos for coffee hot cold

I searched, I scraped, I dug, I read so many forums I couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted the best thermos for coffee I could find. I wasn’t willing to spend 200.00 in thermoses trying to find the best one. Every article I read came back with the same one.

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Now your best thermoses will be vacuum bottles. They remove all the air between the inside bottle, the part that stores coffee, and the outside bottle, the part that you handle. Without the air in between it is extremely difficult for the heat to transfer from the inside of the container to the outside.

Best coffee thermos
Coffee thermos

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Even after my research I wasn’t convinced. I had already thrown away my other ones so I ordered up. My thermos arrived in nice clean factory packaging with no damage. I ripped that bad boy open and immediately filled it up with hot water and let it sit overnight. I noticed right away that there is no heat transfer to the outside of the bottle…. Good Sign. In the morning when I opened it up. … HOT water I mean Burn your mouth hot. EXCELLENT! I was so excited. I put the top back on and went to work. When I came home I checked out again. It was still hot, you could drink it but not fast. Finally I thought If this can keep water hot for 24 hours in my kitchen surely when I get out in the boat it will stay hot till noon or so..

Best thermos

Sure enough I did the recommended preheat with almost boiling water at 5 am, loaded up and went to the lake and you know what. My coffee was hot all day, even as I drank it and there was less and less in the bottle it stays hot. When I pulled out of the lake that day I poured the last full cup. It was around 5 pm and it was still hot. JACKPOT! I was so happy my wife thought I added something a little extra in my coffee. It is really sad that so much effort has to be put in just to find a product that works. What is worse is this is becoming the norm, and not the exception, Hours of researching online to find a decent product. The one thing I don’t like is the handle rattles. This isn’t a big deal most of the time, but when I am trying to sneak out the door at 5am it can sound like I’m wearing a dog collar. Once you are aware of it the thermos can be easily handled to not make any noise. I love this thermos. LOVE IT.

The search

Boy oh boy this was one epic journey. What did I want? Simple. A hot, yes HOT, not luke warm, not kinda warm, but a nice hot cup of coffee while I’m out fishing or working the homestead. I used to be a Stanley thermos guy, back when they were made in the USA. They knew how to make a great thermos that would keep coffee or anything else hot all day. But like everything else it seems, they sold out to a company that has them made in china. If you’re an old fart like me you will remember the commercials of the Stanley thermos bouncing out of the pickup and out into the street.. all the while stamping proudly made in the USA across your tv screen. Well now they are Chinese junk I wouldn’t put my dog’s water in one of those things. I purchased two Stanley thermoses in the past few years. One didn’t work that well, I figured I got a bad one so I bought another.


Well they both sucked. When you fill them up you can feel the outside of the bottle get warm. That’s clue number one. They shouldn’t have any heat transfer. I used these subpar pieces of junk for a long time thinking it was user error, or maybe the old one I had didn’t work as well as I remembered. I would preheat the bottles with boiling water, and still by lunch time I would be lucky if my coffee was luke warm. I even had them replaced under the lifetime warranty. They asked for the date code and sent me two brand new thermoses. . I was so desperate and determined to get hot coffee I even drilled two holes in one of the thermoses and filled it with spray foam insulation. What surprised me was I heard the vacuum seal beak and air rush in, so there is more to keeping coffee hot then just the vacuum. Anyway, all the foam managed to do was ruin my shirt, it wouldn’t cure inside the canister and made a huge mess all over the front porch. This is an excellent way to make the wife very unhappy. (I’m not guessing). JUNK JUNK JUNK I got so fed up I just threw them right in the trash and went to digging online for a replacement.